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Sign-up for an API Key

The Google Search APIs let you put Google Search in your web pages with JavaScript. While you can use these APIs without a key, it is very useful to have one. If you have a key, we can contact you if we detect problems with your application/site.

APIs that use the Google API loader allow you to use an API key. This key allows us to contact you in the event of issues with your application. A single API key is valid within a single directory on your web server, including any subdirectories. Signing up the URL, for example, will create a key usable within all URLs in the directory.

You must have a Google Account to obtain a Google API key, and your API key is tied directly to your Google Account. You can generate multiple API keys for your account if you have multiple web sites.

You are subject to the terms of any API you load using the loader.

* My web site URL:

Thanks for Signing up for a Google API key!

Your key is:


This key is good for all URLs in this directory:

Here is an example web page to get you started:

My Google API Application


Check out the API documentation for more information.
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